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  • Low pressure spraying system

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  • Popular leather low pressure spraying system

    Nowadays, the pursuit of low pressure spraying is a global trend, the reason is because we know: the traditional high pressure spraying will cause the coating rebound to be dusted away, resulting in waste, but if the pressure is reduced, it will cause the flow rate decreased, spraying particles rough.

    How to achieve both low pressure, flow is not reduced?Low pressure and large flow spray should be born.Therefore, the low pressure and high pressure spraying quality can be achieved by increasing the flow rate to supplement the insufficient flow rate under the low pressure condition.According to this can save coating 20-30% or so, and reduce the emission of particles and environmental pollution, with economic and environmental protection two important significance.

    The air intake of low-pressure spraying must be 1 inch, in order to have sufficient air supply, which is different from high-pressure spraying.

    Slurry shaft out into the gas storage bag, the purpose is to buffer and stabilize the pressure, ensure the gun has enough air supply.

    The difference between low pressure spray gun and high pressure spray gun: the injection gas of high pressure spray gun generally has only one 10mm inlet diameter, while the injection gas of low pressure spray gun has two 12mm inlet diameters, thus ensuring the same flow as high pressure.

    Spraying pressure: the spray gas of high-pressure spray gun generally needs 4-6kg, while the atomization quality of high-pressure spray can be achieved only by 0.6-1.5kg for low-pressure spray.

    Parameters and configuration:

    Spray gun number: single group 8-12, double group 12-24

    Spray gun parameters: injection air inlet diameter (mm) 12*2

    Control gas (mm) 10

    Paint (mm) 10-12

    Working pressure of spray gun: spray gas (atomization) : 0.6-1.5

    Control gas: about 4

    Paint pressure: 1-2

    Conventional caliber of spray gun: 1.0, 1.2 (used by leather factory)

    Air consumption of spray gun: 1.5-2 times of conventional high-pressure spray gun

    System configuration:

    A low-voltage system consists of the following components:

    1. Low-pressure high-flow spray gun: single group 8-12;Double group of 12 to 24

    2. Low-pressure 6-channel large-diameter slurry shaft

    3. Low-pressure gas supply and storage bag (made of stainless steel seamless pipe with a diameter of 80mm)

    4, large flow control valve (must use Japanese SMS)

    5, precision control valve (must use Japanese SMS)

    6, paint pressure stabilizer valve (must use Japanese SMS)

    7. Low-voltage control cabinet

    Note: the above configuration can be used for the old high-pressure spraying transformation.

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