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    1.FENGMI Electronics has the most coveted design team in leather machinery industry , unlike ordinary leather machinery equipment, production technology and determine the leather machines performance. This requires that each device must be matched to the customer's production processes, tailored to customers. FENGMI Electronics has five senior engineer, always based on customer needs, and constantly develop new products.
    2. The unity of the sales team: FENGMI electronic has two strong sales team. A main domestic sales, made up of headquarters and eight offices; they are in accordance with the geographical division, distinct division of work. In addition, fengmi Electronics also has a strong team of foreign trade. They are young and promising, conform to the trend of cross-border e-commerce to promote the popularity of tanning machinery and equipment to the world.
    3. Timely sales team: team's strength can not be ignored, that is fengmi after-sales team, they went to the front line at any time, serve in the country and even around the world. When customer has a problem, they always hurry there asap, and provide good service attitude, so that all customers whom admiration.
    Lu Zhi Qiang
    Chief Engineer
    Mr. Lu Zhiqiang has been chairman of the board of technical part of Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant for over 20 years. At the same time, he is a shareholder of Feng Mi Electronic Equipment Plant since it’s found.
    Pan Wen Guang
    Sales Director
    Sales Director, graduated from Nan Jing University. He is the expert in design and developing Leather Spraying Machine. He knows well about Chinese market and is with good communication skill and sense of team work.
    Kong Ling Hua
    Senior Engineer
    Vice CTO, graduated from Yang Zhou University. He majored in mechanism.
    Lu Ting Ting
    Foreign Trade Manager
    Manager of foreign trade, graduated from University of Aukland. She owns rich experience in international trading.
    Foreign Trade Sales
    Graduated from An Hui University of Science and Technology, responsible for communication.


    Contact: Tingting Lu International Line:+86 13915075937

    Phone: 13912315697

    Tel: 0519-86969973

    Email: 329881141@qq.com

    Add: 118-68 Xinchang Road, Xinzha Town, Changzhou , Jiangsu, China.

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